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October 17, 2020 Majority Rules Or Electoral College – Which Is Better?

Tyranny of the majority manifests when an elected majority pursues its own objectives without regard for the interests of minority

October 10, 2020 Freedom of Speech – Guaranteed to All in America?

The First Amendment to our Constitution doesn’t give anyone, directly, a right to free speech.  Rather, it directs that

October 3, 2020 Dis-assimilation Becomes Disunion – The End of America

Waves of immigrants have adopted American culture and values; assimilation gave them an American identity, and it unified America.  Now, many Americans are rejecting

September 26, 2020 What’s going on? – Demonstration?  Riot?  Revolution?  Treason?

People are out in city streets virtually every night engaging in ... what?  Depends on who’s giving the answer and who’s providing quotes, sound bites and

September 19, 2020 Freedom and Equality – Mutually Exclusive Ends of a Continuum

At our founding and during America’s rise to prominence, the ideal of liberty was withheld from some groups – black slaves, aboriginals, orientals and, as regards voting,

September 12, 2020 "All Men Are Created Equal – What Does It Mean?"

Setting aside that women are not specifically referenced in this declaration, what did our Founders mean when they avowed that all men are created equal?  Did they mean that all should be of one

September 5, 2020 Black Lives Matter – If the Killer Is a Cop

Cops kill around 230 black Americans each year; blacks murder more than 6,500 black Americans each year.  Demonstrations ‘honor’ a small

August 29, 2020 The First Civil War – Fought to Preserve the Union

Americans have again been brought to war with each other, and unconditional surrender of the other seems to be the only acceptable outcome for

August 22, 2020 Xi Jinping and China – Existential Threat to America

The leaders of many countries like to see the United States taken down a notch or two.  (Sadly, so do some in America.)  But Xi Jinping is dangerously different.  He is

August 15, 2020 Freedom of Assembly – Even During a Pandemic?

Throughout our history ... government entities have worked to limit peaceable assembly, usually in the name of public safety or national security

August 8, 2020 Americans May Defend Themselves If Their Governments Don’t ... or Won’t

The interminable violence sweeping our cities has awakened millions to value this right.  They’re seeing that they can’t rely on local governments

August 1, 2020 Founding Values Matter – Existentially!

Like companies, nations prosper or not according to how well they meet the perceived needs of their people and how well their business is managed.  ‘America Incorporated’ has serious problems

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