America In the Cross-hairs   -   August 22, 2020

Xi Jinping and China – Existential Threat to America

The leaders of many countries like to see the United States taken down a notch or two.  (Sadly, so do some in America.)  But Xi Jinping is dangerously different.  He is an adamant aggressor; his vision is clear and unambiguous, his strategy is well thought out, his plans are well known and underway, his target date is 2049, and he has sufficient resources – China.

Adamant aggression is obsession/fanaticism plus power.  An adamant aggressor has simply-defined, inflexible goals, the achievement of which justifies any means.  Anything less than complete achievement is unsatisfactory, though all manner of partial satisfactions are steps toward full achievement.  Agreements, truces, cease-fires, appeasements, compromises, or other accommodations short of the goal will be accepted and observed … long enough to consolidate gains and initiate the next move toward the ultimate goal.  Any agreement that grants only part of an adamant aggressor’s ultimate goal ensures that the agreement will be broken when the adamant aggressor feels restrictive conditions will not be enforced.

To deal effectively with Xi we must first clearly understand America’s own long-term interests and identify where Xi’s goals are in conflict.  Our choice then becomes clear:  We must either forego our own interests, or prevent Xi from realizing his.

Xi is now leader of China for life.  We must never forget that he will suspend operations for goal achievement only if he comes to believe that such operations will not be successful.  Absent consistent American actions, that won’t happen.  Xi will exploit any perceived American weakness – political, economic, technology, social, national will, alliances, security, education, etc.  America must deal from a position of strength, both real and perceived.

China’s greatest strengths, according to Xi, include its 1.3 billion people, growing economic and technological power, and singleness of purpose.  He intends to surpass America economically, technologically and militarily to become the world’s undisputed super power by 2049.  He is building China up in all those areas and more in support of that goal, and he seeks to weaken America at every opportunity.

If we fail to act unrelentingly to counter Xi’s plans, our children and grandchildren will lose freedoms we now have, as America is subsumed into a greater China hegemony.

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