America Incorporated Is In Trouble   -   August 1, 2020

Founding Values Matter – Existentially!

Like companies, nations prosper, or not, according to how well they meet the perceived needs of their people and how well their business is managed.  ‘America Incorporated’ has serious problems.

America began with an idea/ideal and attendant values held by a relatively small group of people.  As long as that idea/ideal has been ‘bought’ by a critical mass of Americans, and attendant values have been delivered, and the nation has been managed relatively well, and provisions have been made for future viability, America has thrived.  But current events manifest many ways that these conditions are less firmly in place.  America has begun its decline to, eventually, be replaced by some other nation or form of government.

Examination of America’s history and current events provides insight as to where America is in its life cycle, why we are there, and what, if anything, can be done to extend America’s life and prevent or delay the seeming inevitability of its end.

Nations have fallen for many reasons that may, individually, be overcome – conquest, persistent and extreme incompetence or corruption, financial insolvency, catastrophic natural disaster or disease, etc.  But rejection of its very reason for being by a critical mass of its populace is always fatal.

Increasing numbers of Americans are dismissing features of our freedom as insignificant, or worse, and not buying the product.  We, as shareholders, better do something about it.

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