Local Governments Inadvertently Boosting Gun Sales   -   August 8, 2020

Americans May Defend Themselves If Their Governments Don’t ... or Won’t

European settlers in North America brought guns with them for hunting and protection.  Our founders intended that all Americans be guaranteed such benefits; they put the Second Amendment in the Constitution.

The interminable violence sweeping our cities has awakened millions to value this right.  They’re seeing that they can’t rely on local governments to protect their persons or property.

In many cases they see their elected officials ordering police to stand down and just watch the violence and looting, just let it burn.  They see some elected officials openly encouraging “peaceful” protesters, even joining their ranks, while demonizing law enforcement entities that insist on doing their jobs.

They don’t see their elected officials confronting or condemning the protesters and violent criminals threatening their persons and destroying their property.  They even see some elected officials come down hard on anyone who stands up to the mobs, especially if that person brandishes a gun.

Growing numbers of Americans see that they cannot depend on elected officials to protect them.  They also see that rioters and looters not deterred by law enforcement will back off when confronted by a determined citizen with a gun.  They know that their state has a ‘castle doctrine’ law that authorizes self-defense in their home or on their property; most states do.  And in 25 states they know that ‘stand your ground’ laws authorize self defense virtually anywhere without need to retreat.

The Wall Street Journal reports that homicides in our 50 largest cities are up 24 percent.  As more Americans see they cannot rely on their government to protect them, they’re buying record amounts of guns and ammunition to protect themselves.  The Brookings Institute reports that firearms sales are up more than 50%.  More than two million Americans became first-time gun owners during the first half of 2020, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Many deplore the growing number of guns in America, but if we want to mitigate the apparent need to own weapons for self protection, we’d better act to elect local government leaders who will protect us from lawbreakers.

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