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RISE and DECLINE: Where We Are and What We Can Do About It studies six of history’s great democracies and republics to show what drives a nation’s life cycle from birth to death.

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Citizen support of specific principles is basic to the founding of every nation and drives its ascendance.  Dishonoring and disdaining those principles leads inexorably to decline and extinction.  The completed life cycles of Ancient Athens, the Roman Republic, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the French Third Republic demonstrate the validity of this historical truth.  The United Kingdom and United States are still thriving, but in decline.

Thatcher concludes this third volume in the HST series with specific actions needed to prolong the existence of America as we know it.

IMMIGRATION: How To Avoid Its Perils And Make It Work examines 11 actual policies of 8 different countries, their outcomes and why they succeeded or failed.

Preview the book, including the table of contents, preface and some of the chapter summaries.

Countries that consistently followed three guidelines laid out in IMMIGRATION have been rewarded with highly successful immigration policies.  Those that ignored one or more of the guidelines have endured severely unsatifactory results ... or even disaster.

Thatcher concludes this second volume in the HST series with explicit directions for fixing America's present flawed immigration policy.

ADAMANT AGGRESSORS: How To Recognize And Deal With Them is the award-winning finalist in the "Current Events: Political/Social" category.

Preview the book, including the table of contents, preface and some of the conclusions.

Published by Xlibris Corporation in June, 2011, the book takes a business-case look at five adamant aggressors – Mehmed the Conqueror, James K. Polk, Adolph Hitler, Chaim Weizmann/David Ben-Gurion, Joseph Stalin – and what they teach about recognizing and dealing with adamant aggressors who may be threatening America today.

Thatcher says, "The lessons in this book may not ensure that the best choices will be made today, but understanding them will surely help to reject demonstrated bad choices and, thus, more likely arrive at better choices. Adamant Aggressors will help scholars, political scientists, policy-makers and laymen understand specific lessons that history has for the present time."

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