Too Big? - How To Tell and How To Get More Accountability

Ever wonder how many of our leaders evade personal accountability?
Why they are not held to account?
Here are answers!

Readers' Favorite 5 Stars Award

New private and public policy can better deal with leaders and
organizations that are becoming or have become ‘too big’.

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Reviews of Too Big?

"Too Big? … is a shocking exposé that reveals corruption at the highest level . . . accountability is an obligation to account for one’s acts and the acceptance of responsibility.  Its absence enables powerful people and companies to become corrupt.  The scope of responsibility, lack of control, business relationships, and communication are just a few of the contributing factors . . . Thatcher . . . suggests many ways that companies can enforce accountability standards . . . I especially enjoyed learning about the history and corruption of representatives of The East India Company, Standard Oil Company, General Electric, Facebook, and the FBI . . . a real eye-opener for those of us who believe that what we are being told is the truth."
Natalie Soine, Readers' Favorite   Complete Review

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