Immigration:  How To Avoid Its Perils And Make It Work

An award winning book.  Seven countries' immigration policies...
and the results.

Readers' Favorite 5 Stars Award
Reader's Favorite Gold Award

Countries that consistently followed guidelines laid out in Immigration have been rewarded with highly-successful immigration policies.  Those that ignored the guidelines have endured severely unsatisfactory results ... or even disaster.

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Reviews of Immigration

"... it is nearly impossible to talk about a controversial issue such as immigration without the conversation turning contentious.  Thatcher approaches the problems of immigration from a historical perspective so that the reader can see the flaws that actually exist rather than perceived flaws presented by those with an agenda.  ...this historical approach allows readers to form their own conclusions."
Natasha Jackson, Readers' Favorite   Complete Review

"... an extremely interesting and powerful work.  Immigration would be a reasonable guide for a senator on Capital Hill just as easily as it could become a well-thumbed reference for a political science student."
Katerie Prior, ForeWord Reviews   Complete Review

"... Immigration provides keys to solid reform, making it a top recommendation for any collection looking for a clear coverage of reform options ... goes far beyond your usual history or immigration issues coverage and weaves a blueprint for action ..."
Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review   Complete Review

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