The Violence Will End When WE Stop It    -   September 26, 2020

What’s going on? – Demonstration?  Riot?  Revolution?  Treason?

People are out in city streets virtually every night engaging in ... what?  Depends on who’s giving the answer and who’s providing quotes, sound bites and visuals … any of which may be chosen, edited or fabricated to advance a narrative.

America’s “war for independence” was, in Britain, a revolution; patriotism on one side and treason on the other.  Washington’s troops were patriots or rebels, and the ‘redcoats’ were hated invaders abetting unrest or agents of the king sent to restore peace.

The Boston and Chesapeake ‘tea parties’ deliberately destroyed private (not government) property.  Perpetrators, colonials disguised as Indians, were cheered on by crowds of ‘peaceful’ people.  Those confrontations between legal authorities (the British) and rebels disturbing the peace escalated into violence and finally open warfare.

Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Kenosha, Washington, etc. … Peaceful protests?  Riots?  Insurrection?  Probably all those things and more.  It’s like an infection.  Not treating it where and when it appears guarantees it will spread.  The mis/malfeasance on the part of elected officials in many cities is clear; they’re not protecting their residents and, in some cases, they’re abetting and openly encouraging those who are harming their residents.

So what should the residents of such cities do?  Short of invoking the Insurrection Act, they can’t expect the feds to come in unless requested by governors and/or mayors.  Their state officials could come to the rescue, but few have done so; in most cases they’re of the same political party that runs the cities.  They could sue their mayors and councils to have courts order them to do their sworn duties, but that’s problematic and certainly not timely, given the election season.

But if residents don’t like what’s happening to their cities, they can vote their elected leaders out of office, at regular or recall elections, or petition for removal from office.  If they don’t do that, it must be that they approve of what’s going on.

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