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November 2012

dateNovember 20, 2012-   Was interviewed on 11-20-12.  It was a three-way conversation among Gary Sutton (host), Charlie Gerow (a naturalized citizen and outspoken conservative) and Bruce Thatcher.  We talked about IMMIGRATION and the need for real reform, including but certainly not limited to illegal immigration and dealing with the millions of illegal aliens already in the country.

I pointed out how our present flawed immigration policy violates all three of the principles that are essential for success.  We discussed what Congress and the Administration must do if they’re really serious about fixing illegal immigration and getting a successful immigration policy for the United States.

Later in the news show, Gary & Charlie took listener calls about immigration reform, with responses that generally followed talking points I had provided.

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Check out general information on Bruce Thatcher, award-winning author of Gun Mania: What We Must Do To Reduce Shootings, Homicides and Suicides in America, Rise and Decline: Where We Are and What We Can Do About It, Immigration: How to Avoid its Perils and Make it Work, and Adamant Aggressors: How to Recognize and Deal With Them.

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