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June 2014

dateJune 16, 2014-   Sam Malone reported on the flood of immigrants across the Texas border, then discussed it with Bruce Thatcher.  I noted that nobody knows exactly how many illegal aliens are in the country; estimates run from 12 to 15 million.  Further, influx has been going on since immigration policy and laws were changed in 1965.  It can mostly be attributed to one thing – failure to enforce our laws.  When President Eisenhower responded to a surge of illegal aliens in the 1950s with ‘operation wetback’ – he had the Army round up illegals and ship them home – the problem went away.  But our government seems not willing to do anything like that these days.

Malone brought up the sudden surge of kids coming across the border, whether it’s an organized activity.  I opined it looks organized in some fashion, because all the kids know exactly what to do and say once they get across and turn themselves in.  And despite many comments carried by the media, it’s not because of the crime levels in the Central American countries they come from; those crime levels are high, but they’ve been coming down steadily for several years.  I also noted that the murder rate is higher in a few American cities than in those Central American countries.  So we mostly agreed … the surge is orchestrated, Mexico is complicit (it’s at least allowing and may be facilitating their passage through Mexico), and it may be backfiring on President Obama (Malone feels he, too, is complicit). Listen to the Interview:Podcast - January 4, 2016

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