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Pikes in Print article about Bruce Thatcher's book Adamant Aggressors

Text of the article:

Pikes In Print


A case study approach to today's problems.

"Bruce Thatcher (Iowa State, Alpha Phi '56) keeps busy with a new passion, crystallizing lessons from history for practical application today.  He remembers that history courses in school generally covered who, what, when and where for a specific country or area over a specific time period; so what was not considered.  Believing that history's lessons might be better learned and applied by focusing on explicit lessons for the present, he's applied a case-study approach to illustrate what worked and what didn't work, and launched a website ( to explain the concept.   The first book in this series, Adamant Aggressors, examines what we can learn from Mehmed the Conqueror, James K. Polk, Adolph Hitler, Chaim Weizmann / David Ben-Gurion and Joseph Stalin to deal with adamant aggressors that America faces today.  The book has been honored by the USA Best Books 2011 Awards.

Thatcher is retired and lives with his wife, Carol, in New Braunfels, Texas.  He would like to hear from like-minded brothers who may want to join the project, and he may be reached at"

The HST Project's First Author

Check out general information on Bruce Thatcher, award-winning author of Gun Mania: What We Must Do To Reduce Shootings, Homicides and Suicides in America, Rise and Decline: Where We Are and What We Can Do About It, Immigration: How to Avoid its Perils and Make it Work, and Adamant Aggressors: How to Recognize and Deal With Them.

You can also read a more detailed biography of him here, 'In His Words'.