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HST presents political science – Learning From History, And Applying The Insights To Function More Effectively In The World We Live In Today

History Gives

History Speaks Today seeks to identify critical conditions in today’s world, find and examine historical parallels and clearly show what history advises.

Today's Americans

The founders knew their history.  It spoke to them.  They carefully applied its lessons as they wrote the Declaration of Independence, crafted the Constitution of the United States of America, and insisted on a Bill of Rights as its first ten Amendments. 

Far too many of today’s Americans, and their leaders, do not know their own or others' history and its lessons.  To their detriment, they blindly allow others to shape their destinies.  They repeatedly drift into and through scenarios in ways that history warns against.

Practical Direction

Bruce D. Thatcher turns history into political science to derive practical directions for dealing with today’s problems.  His unique approach examines relevant historical cases from which explicit lessons can be drawn.  Lessons are summarized in the form of clearly articulated and concise principles to guide today’s leaders, policy makers, pundits and general citizenry.  Each HST book is a reliable resource for a single area of current concern.

Adamant Aggressors and Immigration book covers

The first book in the HST Series debuted in 2011.  It explains how to identify what Thatcher calls ‘adamant aggressors’.  From five historical cases, it derives the four essential guidelines for dealing with them and makes clear that when we ignore even one of these guidelines we do so at our peril.

The second book in the HST Series came out in 2012.  It draws on past and present immigration policies of six nations – some were successful, others not so much, still others were disastrous.  From these cases Thatcher derives three essential guidelines that must be followed to fix America’s flawed immigration policy.

Soon To Be Released - HST's Third Book!

Rise and Decline: Where We Are and What We Can Do About It

The third book in the HST series uses six historical cases to examine nations’ life cycles, identify status of the United Kingdom and the United States, and tell what the U.S. must do to curtail its decline.  Be sure to let us know if you would like to be notified of the release date!

Media Appearances

Media members and journalists may contact Bruce Thatcher directly for interview requests.  History Speaks Today values your comments and suggestions.  Your input about the HST Project and HST Books is appreciated.